31 Days to Show You ShelterCare

i-sheltercareAttention Lane County businesses, individuals, families, faith communities…everyone! October is the time to show that you ShelterCare About Homelessness. This month-long campaign is ShelterCare’s signature effort to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in our community as well as critical funds supporting programs proven to keep people housed and healthy. Events throughout October will give you opportunities to show your support and provide gifts that immediately will be put to work in Lane County.

I ShelterCare About Homelessness funds provide critical operating support for a variety of programs that serve families and individuals who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, including:

  • The Homelessness Prevention Program: Providing modest monetary support and wraparound case management, this program each years keeps more than 200 families in crisis (often brought on by a job loss or medical situation) safe and stable in their homes.
  • ShelterCare Medical Recuperation: This innovative program offers extended care for homeless adults recovering from a serious medical crisis. Upon graduating, nearly 80 percent of clients move to long-term housing rather than going back to the streets.
  • Shankle Program: Provides housing and support for 28 homeless adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Clients have access to intensive mental health treatment, peer support specialists, community health workers and supported employment specialists.

In 2016 we are excited to welcome dance group Thrill the World Eugene (TTWE) as a key campaign partner for the fifth straight year. On October 29, TTWE dancers will join with other groups around the globe in an attempt to set the world record for the largest simultaneous dance performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Everyone is encouraged to join in and experience the fun. Click here for more information on how to become a fundraising zombie dancer. All money raised by TTWE supports I ShelterCare About Homeless—to date the group has raised $14,000!

In addition to becoming a TTWE dancer, how can you show that you ShelterCare About Homelessness?

  • Give generously: 100 percent of donations to I ShelterCare About Homelessness support programs proven to reduce homelessness
  • Spread the word through social media: Share a photo or video of yourself that declares “I ShelterCare About Homelessness”
  • Make a group gift: Giving together is a great activity for families, congregations or work teams to show they care about their community
  • Support businesses that ShelterCare About Homelessness: Tell our sponsors that you appreciate their support of programs to fight homelessness

Keep an eye on the ShelterCare website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to learn more about campaign events and the businesses and community partners supporting this important effort to fight homelessness in Lane County.

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