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Cameron Gates, Heather Trickett, and Casey Foltz are part of Oregon Community Credit Union’s Business Intelligence Department. To say they love numbers is an understatement. Digging through mounds of raw data is their thing, to look for insights, trends, and stories.

The purpose of the Business Intelligence Department is to improve the lives of OCCU members and employees by transforming raw data into meaningful, actionable information. They do this through database programming, report creation, process automation, and advanced analytics.

Several months ago, at a community dinner focused on housing, the OCCU team heard a presentation about ShelterCare Medical Recuperation and wanted to know what they could do to support this and other ShelterCare programs. They called ShelterCare the next day and were connected to Tim Cling, ShelterCare’s director of business operations. After a few meetings, the data analysis project was born.

The goal of the project is to provide a picture of how we’re doing, from our clients’ point of view.

Tim worked with the ShelterCare clinical team to collect voluntary surveys from program participants in our Supported Housing program. Participants were asked 13 questions including “How long have you been receiving services from ShelterCare?” and “Do you feel the ShelterCare staff understands your needs?”

One stand-out story so far—when asked if they would recommend ShelterCare to relatives/friends/people in the community, more than 90 percent answered yes.

The partnership between ShelterCare and the OCCU Business Intelligence Department is ongoing, thanks to OCCU’s commitment to the community. All OCCU employees have the opportunity to volunteer during regular business hours with the nonprofit or school of their choice through the credit union’s C.O.R.E. (Community Outreach for Employees) program.

During this C.O.R.E. time, employees are compensated at their regular wage. This gives OCCU employees the chance to support the causes and organizations they feel passionately about, while fulfilling the organization’s goal to give back to the community.

Info-Graphic Dashboard

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