Behavioral Health Services

ShelterCare’s Behavioral Health Services provide mental health treatment to individuals diagnosed with a mental health condition and those who may be coping with trauma or stress related to homelessness. ShelterCare’s attentive, caring team members provide one-on-one support based on the needs of each individual.

Treatment focuses on:

  • Reducing symptoms
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Securing benefits
  • Improving basic life skills 
  • Building supportive relationships
  • Navigating the community

To receive treatment you must have:

  • A long-term, serious mental health disorder that significantly negatively impacts your ability to work, keep housing, or meet your basic needs.
  • Oregon Health Plan insurance through PacificSource or Trillium. Limited scholarships are available for people with no insurance.

All of our services are available on-site at ShelterCare’s main office or, if necessary, can be provided in a program participant’s home or community location. In special circumstances, we may offer payee services to individuals with barriers to independent money management.

When you call or visit ShelterCare’s office, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists who can help answer questions, provide you with information about applying for ShelterCare’s Behavioral Health (BH) Services, and connect you to resources in the community.

ShelterCare’s Behavioral Health program is currently full, but accepting additions to the waitlist.

These are the steps to receiving ShelterCare’s Behavioral Health Services:

Step 1 – Application – Apply for ShelterCare’s BH Services by calling  (541) 505-5188.

Step 2 – Assessment – If your application shows Medicaid/OHP coverage and a need for behavioral health services, you will be invited to an introductory appointment to see if our program is a good fit for you.

Step 3Screening –  If you qualify for our services, you will immediately begin the first steps to enroll. If you do not qualify, or if you change your mind, we can offer alternative resources which might be able to help.

Step 4 Intake and Assessments/Treatment Plan – Those applicants who qualify during the screening portion of our first meeting will continue their intake into our program. A Behavioral Health specialist will provide you with an assessment and treatment plan. A limited number of assessments are offered weekly and, in special circumstances, expedited assessment may be available.

Step 5 – Ongoing Services – You will continue to meet with your Behavioral Health Specialist on a regular basis, and will have the opportunity to utilize other services including skills training, groups, and case management.

 The Behavioral Health Program does not offer housing, rent assistance or other housing services.

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