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Are you homeless and need resources? ¿Estás sin hogar y necesitas recursos?(541) 686-1262
Are you a family in need of temporary rent assistance?¿Es usted una familia que necesita asistencia de alquiler temporal?(541) 689-3785
Do you need behavioral health services?¿Necesita servicios de salud del comportamiento?(541) 505-5188
Do you need advice about your rights as a tenant?¿Necesitas asesoramiento sobre tus derechos como inquilino?(541) 972-3715
Springfield Eugene Tenant Association

Community Resource Guide

Bereavement Services

Crisis Numbers

Clothing, Household Goods, & Furniture

Day Centers

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Employment & Education

Families, Parenting, & Pregnancy

Financial Assistance (Bills, Deposits, Rental)

Food & Meals

Free Haircuts

Health Care

Housing Search & Shelter

Identification Documents

Food Stamps & Income


Legal Resources


Mental Health & Substance Abuse


Phone Use

Prescription Assistance




Victims of Crime



This community resource guide was created by ShelterCare staff member, Amanda Fogus.

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