Weyerhaeuser: A Long History of Giving in the Community

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During the past 10 years, Weyerhaeuser has disbursed $1,770,000 to local nonprofits in Lane County. While the company’s primary mission is to transform trees into useful products in a safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible way, it’s also deeply committed to supporting the community where it operates and where its employees live, said Nancy Stark, an office manager with the company. “Our employees have a long history of volunteerism – both on and off the job,” Stark said. “Many employees participate on boards or committees of local charities and schools, and some serve in governmental roles. Employees are encouraged to be involved in their community and we
participate in group volunteer activities throughout the year.”

The company has been extremely generous to ShelterCare, most recently as a major sponsor of the organization’s “I ShelterCare about Homelessness” campaign last month, which raised funds to support programs that help homeless families. The Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund concentrates the majority of its funding in four focus areas which are linked to the company’s business strategies: 1) affordable housing and shelter; 2) education and youth development; 3) environmental stewardship; and 4) human services, civic and cultural growth. “ShelterCare focuses on shelter, which is one of our core focus areas, and the organization has a history of getting things done,” Stark said. “We partnered with ShelterCare on a home rebuild in the late ‘90s and it was one of the most rewarding projects ever.” “We are grateful to Weyerhaeuser for their commitment to helping the people we serve,” said Susan Ban, ShelterCare’s executive director. “ShelterCare depends on charitable support from companies like Weyerhaeuser.”

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