The Hilton gives back through cooking classes and a holiday brunch

HiltonHilton Eugene & Conference Center

The Hilton Eugene and Conference Center is always abuzz with excitement and activity. A feature landmark in downtown Eugene’s milieu, the Hilton Eugene is a hub for the community in more ways than meet the eye. This spring the hotel partnered with ShelterCare to support our Healthy Foods Initiative, which seeks to promote healthier diets and lifestyles among our clients. Demonstrating creativity and compassion, Hilton Eugene devised two ways to make a lasting impression on our programs.

In March, executive chef Michelle Girard, hosted a cooking demonstration for ShelterCare clients at the Afiya Apartments. Girard showed residents how to prepare lowcost, healthy food with basic kitchen tools and answered questions about nutrition and healthy eating. “I selected ingredients – a single chicken, root vegetables, chard and lentils – that are inexpensive and nutritious but not necessarily familiar to people,” Michelle explains. While participants had the chance to sample her cooking, others who missed this demonstration will still benefit from Hilton Eugene’s support. The hotel has donated 10 percent of its Easter Brunch food sales to support ShelterCare’s capacity to serve Healthy Foods. “As a hotel based in downtown Eugene, we are invested in seeing ShelterCare’s programs succeed, and we want to help,” says Hilton’s Sales Manager, Natasha Baker.

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