Sherwin Williams: Bringing Color to ShelterCare’s Programs


With 10 facilities spanning Eugene and Springfield, and hundreds of clients moving in and out of apartments and bedrooms every year, ShelterCare’s maintenance crew uses a lot of paint. Our needs are large and small, and this year, in response to our “Healthy Homes” initiative, Sherwin-Williams has stepped up to help us with both. During National Paint Week, the third week of April, staff from the company’s Springfield store will paint the conference room at ShelterCare’s Heeran Center.

“We want to be sure that our staff has experience using our products. Painting this room for ShelterCare helps us provide a service to you as well as a chance to train our staff,” says Phillip Garrison, Market Manager. But that’s just the beginning. In June, the company also trains the new staff at two painting companies that hire college students. This year, those trainees will give a big gift to ShelterCare by painting the exteriors of two ShelterCare programs –
Family Housing and Uhlhorn.

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