Stepping up for Families in Need

McKenzie Meadow Apartment managers Silver and KelseySilver Tolson (L) and Kelsey Robertson (R) with McKenzie Meadow Apartments

McKenzie Meadow Apartments is a Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit property, a type of federally subsidized housing. Silver Tolman and Kelsey Robertson are the property managers, and strong advocates for ShelterCare clients.

When the case managers for ShelterCare’s Homelessness Prevention Program are working with families who are struggling to find housing they can afford, Silver and Kelsey are often the first ones they call. Sometimes, Silver and Kelsey are the ones who initiate the conversation.

“If we have an apartment coming open, we’ll call [the ShelterCare case managers] and ask if they have any families who need housing,” says Silver.

Kelsey adds, “We really enjoy working with ShelterCare and their clients.  We have  great relationships with Amber, Samantha and the others, and love being able to help them to find housing for their families.

Silver and Kelsey agree that partnering with nonprofits and social services agencies like ShelterCare also helps them connect with more people in the community who are struggling to find housing they can afford.

“Because of the positive experiences we’ve had with the families ShelterCare refers,” Silver explains, “we’ll continue to help house their clients as we can. It’s a wonderful organization.”

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