ShelterCare’s New Uhlhorn Day Services Fills Gap in Community Services

ShelterCare’s new Uhlhorn Day Services will be Eugene and Springfield’s only day services that accepts Medicaid to care for people living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury, or other cognitive disabilities.

“As the needs of the community have evolved, ShelterCare is filling a local gap in care for people living with memory challenges and cognitive disabilities,” said Susan Ban, ShelterCare’s executive director. “The program provides the activities and compassionate care patients need and an important day-time respite for caregivers.”

Located at Emmaus Lutheran Church at 1250 West 18th Ave., in Eugene, ShelterCare’s Uhlhorn Day Services begins operation on September 4th, 2018.

Services provided by the Uhlhorn Day Services team are individualized to meet each client’s needs and goals, including care coordination, nursing consultation and health assessments, referrals to care providers and other community services, optional cognitive assessments and rehabilitation, nutrition assessments and referrals, lunch and snacks, medication assistance, monthly dental clinic, therapeutic activities, support groups, community outings and transportation assistance. The program also includes family and caregiver support referrals and support groups.

Uhlhorn Program Manager, Emrielle VanCleave explains, “An adult day service is one of the ways our community can bring people living with disabilities out of their homes and into a place where they can enjoy the things they are typically no longer able to enjoy on a regular basis. At Uhlhorn, aged and disabled people can socialize with others who share their struggles. They also have opportunities to take part in recreational activities, join in special events and celebrations, have fun, and ultimately, enjoy an improved quality of life. Many times, we see people isolated because of the many factors surrounding their age or disability. This is a way for individuals to receive more individualized care, nutritional services, and to re-learn the hobbies and interests they may still want to participate in, but haven’t had access to. It takes a village to provide support and an adult day service is one way for the caregiver and the senior or disabled adult to access support and be reminded that they are not alone on their journey.”

The opening of the Uhlhorn Day Services is a shift in the services ShelterCare has traditionally offered people living with acquired traumatic brain injuries.

For the past 28 years, the agency has operated The Uhlhorn Program, a housing complex for those with acquired brain injuries. Some residents will continue to receive services through the day services, while others will receive services from other agencies within the community.

“No one living in the Uhlhorn apartments is being displaced,” Ban said.  “It is important that as service providers that we not duplicate services, so it made sense to transition the services offered to Uhlhorn clients to other agencies, while ShelterCare fills the unmet need for day services for people living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury, or other cognitive disabilities. “

Uhlhorn Day Services is open to individuals on Medicaid, Oregon Health Plan, private insurance or private pay. Uhlhorn Day Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call (541) 345-4244.

ShelterCare Uhlhorn Day Services

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