Roeder & Company Brings Capital Campaign to Life

Roeder & CompanyRoeder and Company

An important piece of ShelterCare’s Center for Programs and Services capital campaign came in the form of $545,000 in state tax credits. ShelterCare’s successful participation in the New Market Tax Credits program — which was designed for nonprofit  organizations in urban renewal zones — was the direct result of the agency’s relationship with Roeder & Company, LLC, a community development entity (CDE).  As a CDE, they are certified by the United States Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund as an entity that serves low-income communities as its mission. They primarily do this by advising clients and their investors on tax–‐advantaged transactions. Additionally, Roeder educates social service providers and businesses located in low-income communities about the tax incentives that can be leveraged into investments in their business and community.

With Roeder’s guidance, ShelterCare’s capital campaign was one of the first projects to be approved for funding under the program — and the first in Eugene. “After we were introduced to ShelterCare and its mission in the local community, it was clear that we had to help,” said Reynold Roeder, the company’s chief executive officer. “We recognized there was an opportunity to utilize the newly created Oregon New Markets Tax Credit to facilitate an investment by Wells Fargo into the capital campaign in a manner that would attract or catalyze additional contributions. We worked with our client, Enhanced Capital Partners, and the ShelterCare team to achieve this result.”

Simply put, the family owned company cares about their community, said Sara Pietka, Roeder & Company vice president. “Investments in organizations like ShelterCare create jobs and provide acutely needed services that transform lives and communities,” Pietka said.

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