Warning: Zombie Outbreak

Thrill The World Eugene Performances 

Since 2012, Thrill The World Eugene has participated in an annual simultaneous event, dancing Thriller with thousands around the world. TTWE dances many flashmobs during October and enjoys fundraising for ShelterCare as they perform. Together, they have raised over $49,000 for ShelterCare in the last 8 years. This year with COVID health restrictions/concerns, dance groups will be reduced to sizes of 25 or less for performances, each zombie will wear a mask and dance at a safe distance from each other and the audience.


Zombies will now be available for you to have flashmob at your Eugene/Springfield outdoor event October 15-31st, as a fundraiser to ShelterCare. Contact the TTWE organizers below to organize!

Learn more about Thrill the World Eugene or make a donation on their website! 

In the last eight years, the performers have done hundreds of flashmobs during their Thriller dance season in October; spontaneous flashmobs on the street, Halloween events, UO Duck Football games (on the field!), Tailgaters,  Summer flashmobs to popular music at Saturday Market, Sunday Streets, a marriage proposal, a wedding, a Bar-mitzvah  and more. They are well-rehearsed, zombie costumed and wearing zombie makeup.

CONTACT: Organizers Margo Jennings at amabo951@comcast.net

Sandy Caughron at sandycaughron@gmail.com

Jenette Kime heyjeno@gmail.com


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