View from the Board President: Eric Van Houten

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity. It is an act of Justice.” – Nelson Mandela

This fall has been a period of significant and remarkable transition for ShelterCare. The changes in leadership, the model of care at Garden Place, and the opening of Uhlhorn Day Center, just to name a few, have been tremendously impactful on the organization. The attention of the board has been  supporting ShelterCare leadership through this period of remarkable change. And yet, we have not lost focus on the overwhelming honor and responsibility of staff working alongside people seeking services.

The opportunity to partner with people at their most vulnerable is admirable and powerful, ShelterCare does this with an empowering grace. Justice comes with fairness in what people receive and how they are treated; equal access to opportunities and how they partner with others. ShelterCare offers this justice to people in their work every day. During this very special time of year, it is an honor to be a part of ShelterCare in the amazing work, change in people’s lives, and the value of relationships that comes from this organization. The ways in which ShelterCare touches people’s lives by acknowledging that Hope is  Here, is praiseworthy.

Eric Van Houten
Board President


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