View from the Board: Deleesa Meashintubby

What an honor it is to sit on the Shelter Care Board of Directors.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the heartfelt work of the board and the wonderful staff!

This second year of the pandemic has touched us all in some way, be it good or bad.  This has allowed the opportunity for Shelter Care to look at possibilities of collaborating with non-profits such as Volunteers In Medicine.  As we look towards a partnership of giving medical care to the underserved, it also helps me to realize that Shelter Care not only cares about housing but for those who need medical care.  We have all come to realize that none of us can do this on our own and it certainly does take a village.

My sincere thanks to you the staff for the work that you put in on a daily basis and for the heart of the board of directors.  Happy Holidays to all.

DeLeesa Meashintubby

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