The ShelterCare Receptionist Team

Here at ShelterCare, we can say with confidence that the receptionist team are everyday-heroes. They are the touch point between people in crisis and life-changing resources. The receptionists possess knowledge of the entire organization, what each program does and provides, and funnels people where they need to go. Not only do they know ShelterCare to the core, they are fluent in resources around the county. It is common for callers to need services which ShelterCare does not provide, so they direct people to the Centralized Waitlist, domestic abuse shelters, basic needs providers, and more. The receptionist is often that first friendly face, or voice, one experiences on their journey towards recovery, safety, and stability.   

Additionally, ShelterCare receptionists embody everyday-heroism through their attitude and treatment of others, especially for those going through difficult times.They receive many calls a day from people experiencing a range of deep emotions. People call in tears, voices cracking as they ask for help during a desperate moment; other times, frustration boils over at the injustice and difficulty of their situation, they raise their voices in anger. Receptionists possess a certain strength, always practicing respect, empathy, and care which every person deserves. 

For us, employees at ShelterCare, the receptionists do so much to keep the office running smoothly. The receptionists juggle multi-line phone calls, transferring calls all over the organization. Often, they act as investigators, inquiring about a caller’s needs with directed questions, and then making decisions as to where the call should go. It requires quick thinking and problem solving skills. Without them, ShelterCare’s gears would get jammed and we wouldn’t be able to move forward on our mission. 

The front lobby is the receptionists realm, their kingdom, and they make it welcoming for all. Everyday, they carefully organize the front desk so all informational sheets are neatly stacked, the basket of goodies is fully stocked, and the coffee is warm and ready. The lobby coffee is always very popular. Receptionists keep the lobby spiffy-clean with consistent use of wet-wipes across the desk and chairs and Windex to the glass-front doors. The ShelterCare lobby does well to reflect ShelterCare’s organizational values. It’s nice for employees to know a friendly presence will be there as we come and go, throughout our day. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you receptionists for all you do. Your daily dedication to positivity, support, and ShelterCare’s mission make a difference for people in need, consumers, and employees. Thank you receptionists for being everyday-heroes.

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