Start Some Good with ShelterCare

Join ShelterCare in our first crowdsourcing campaign. This is an opportunity for you to directly and easily reach our clients while having some fun along the way.

Through this effort, we hope to purchase 15 new bed frames, mattresses and mattress covers to provide a comfortable place to sleep for clients moving into new apartments in our programs.

Thanks to new funding, we have access to 83 apartments for permanent housing in Eugene and Springfield. So far, we have successfully moved 30 clients into these units, and are ready to move clients into the remaining units. Unfortunately, our need for furnishings exceeds our supplies! One of the most pressing needs is for bed sets. We are looking to purchase 15 new bed frames, mattresses and mattress covers to fill our urgent need.

Diane, a ShelterCare Supported Housing Program client, shares her story of survival and resiliency. After more than a year of enduring homelessness, Diane said she is thankful for the housing and support she has received through ShelterCare.

We are offering some great rewards to our donors in this campaign ranging from lunch with our executive director to heartfelt thank you’s from our clients.

At our $25 giving level we are hosting a ShelterCare pillow fight! For each gift at this level a staff member will get a smack with a pillow. You even get to choose who gets your pillow hit from this fabulous list staff members:


To learn more or make your donation click here.

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