ShelterCare Quarterly Newsletter: Summer 2015

IMG_5760How It Works: The Wait List

IMG_5224 copyNewsletter staff recently sat down with Vicki Baggitt, ShelterCare’s Administrative Assistant, to ask a few questions about the centralized waitlist for people seeking ShelterCare’s services.

Q: What is the centralized waitlist?

The centralized waitlist was started in January 2013 to store information for applicants to our Brain Injury and Supported Housing programs. The goals are to improve the process for clients who may be eligible for multiple programs, and ensure that we review applications in the order they are received. 

Q: Who is on the waiting list?

Clients on the list either have an acquired brain injury or a psychiatric disability. They are seeking assistance with housing and support services. 

Q: Who oversees this list?

I oversee the information on the waitlist with help from the Supported Housing office staff. ShelterCare screeners use this information to determine if the applicant is eligible for services.

Q: How does someone get on the list?

Applicants with a mental health diagnosis or brain injury complete an application, either at our Center or at any of our partner agencies such as Laurel Hill Center and White Bird Clinic. We can also mail, email or fax applications. Once on the list, applicants must check in monthly to update their contact information and let us know they are still interested in ShelterCare’s services.

Q: What is the process for families?

Families seeking rental or deposit assistance call our Homelessness Prevention/Rapid Rehousing Program for screening. This is a voicemail system where they will leave their contact information and get a return call (in the order it was received). If families are in need of shelter they have to go through St. Vincent de Paul-First Place Family Shelter, and then get referred to our Family Housing Program.

Q: How long does it take to get on the waiting list?

We tell applicants that it can take a year to be screened into one of our programs.

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