Robert’s Story

Intellectual, confident, hard-working and caring, Robert has been on a long journey to become the person he is today. Seven years ago, Robert was sleeping on the streets, couch-surfing, and staying at the Eugene Mission, all while dealing with his psychosis. If his food stamps ran out, he would have to scrounge for food. The life he wanted to lead was not the one he was living. For about a year, he found support through ShelterCare’s The Inside Program (TIP) before going back to living on the streets. Robert struggled with toxic relationships and the difficulty of finding an apartment, due to a past felony charge on his record. He reconnected with ShelterCare who helped him find an apartment that was a good fit for both him and his daughter. After a year there, his life began to turn around. He met his supportive girlfriend, his psychosis broke, and he found a job through ShelterCare’s Supported Employment Program. He started to gain the mindset that he could achieve what he wanted. He says the skills and drive to succeed in life were buried deep within him, and ShelterCare helped bring them back out.

Today, Robert lives mindfully and purposefully. He is an Independent Living Services agent at Shangri-La. Robert works with, and supports people, who have serious mental illness and helps them to live independently. He sets goals for himself, both short and long term. He makes sure to take time for the little things in life. His plans for the future are to pay off his debt, own his first car, and put a down-payment on a house.

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