Rexius: Making Our Gardens Grow

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Rudyard Kipling noted that “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh how beautiful’ and sitting in the shade.” Our friends and partners at Rexius know this truth all too well. This local company has been helping residential and commercial customers create beautiful and functional landscapes for almost 80 years. Twice in the past three years, Rexius has stepped in to help ShelterCare complete garden projects at our two secure residential programs, Heeran Residential Center and Garden Place. Both facilities have been the focus of extensive renovations and improvements in which the landscaping was the last important piece. “Our clients benefit from having a quiet, outdoor space to socialize or just to sit by themselves,” says Robin Tiedeman, Garden Place,program manager. “We’re really happy and grateful to see this garden completed in time for them to enjoy the summer.”

At the Heeran Center, Mark Anderson, Project Manager at Rexius, helped identify the appropriate plants, selected their locations in the garden, and supported volunteers on the day of planting. Rexius also installed the irrigation system, the planting soils and amendments, installed the lawns and the bark walking paths. This year, Rexius provided and delivered much needed soil to build and level the new backyard at Garden. “Helping the community is
central to our mission,” says Mark. “We welcome the opportunity to help create a restful and restorative setting for ShelterCare’s clients.”

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