Resident Update: Cindy


We first profiled Cindy in 2013, when she was a recent ShelterCare resident at the Riverbend Supportive Community. For more details about her background and how she came to ShelterCare, read the 2013 story.

Give us a little update about what you’ve been doing since our last interview.
I’m 47. I live with my dog, Macho. He’s a chiweenie. I like to read, especially mysteries. I also enjoy cooking, and I’m active with my church. I’ve been in ShelterCare’s Supported Housing program since 2012. My life hasn’t been easy but I hope my story can help somebody else out there.

You’ve moved recently. What’s that like?
Yes! I moved into a new apartment after four years in my last place. It’s so much better, bigger and cleaner. It feels happier. Macho likes it, too. He doesn’t bark as much. It’s quiet here. On Thanksgiving I cooked a big meal and invited anyone in ShelterCare housing who wanted to come over. I made turkey and ham and all the trimmings. I had about 14 show up. It was really fun.

Tell us about your experience with ShelterCare’s Consumer Council?
Being part of Consumer Council makes me feel important and needed. I feel like my voice matters. It’s also encourages me to be more social, which helps with my depression. When I’m not doing well I tend to keep to myself. I’m an isolator. In July I was elected treasurer. I was nervous about running but my counselor encouraged me to go for it. I’ve been active in Consumer Council for years and I have an accounting background so it’s a good fit for me. I manage the council’s budget. I like it.

Any big plans for the future?
I’m taking it one day at a time. I’ve had some health scares recently but I’m still here. They don’t have a toe tag on me yet! I’m continuing to work on building healthier relationships. And as Consumer Council treasurer I’m learning more about ShelterCare programs and policies. It’s a good stepping-stone to the Officer-at-Large position, which is where I hope to be next.


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