Small Company, Big Heart: Pest Management Business an Important ShelterCare Partner

Fisher Pest Management, Inc. and Rick’s Spray Service provide pest management solutions for business/commercial, residential, institutional, governmental, public and agricultural facilities in Lane County.

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They also do important work for ShelterCare.

“Being a small company, we wanted to do something that would positively impact as many families as possible,” said Steve Fisher, company president. “We think that ShelterCare gives us that opportunity, and we enjoy being able to do this volunteer work.”

Over the years, the business has helped ShelterCare clients work through complicated pest management issues, free of charge.

“Where some nonprofit organizations provide specialty needs, ShelterCare provides a broad spectrum of services, most important of which is housing,” Fisher said. “Keeping living accommodations pest free has a positive effect on all of us, and hopefully provides more comfort for those who need an uplift in their lives. “

The company’s generosity is matched by its versatility, as it provides services for turf and ornamental plants, small fruit and nut orchards and commercial and agricultural vegetation management (weed control). They are also one of the few companies licensed in the area to do fumigation for wood-boring insects in furniture and structures.

Giving back to the community is an important piece of the company’s philosophy, Fisher said.

“Collectively speaking, the Eugene/Springfield business and residential community has been very good to our company,” he said. “Through my interactions with customers, my Rotary Club and my church, I saw the strong commitment and concern that members of our communities have, not only for the providing agencies, but for the people who are in need.  I decided that I wanted to be a part of this positive force in our communities.  By volunteering my services, I hope that some of the financial load is lightened, allowing resources to be allocated for other needs. “

ShelterCare has been a good partner to work with, he said.

“I want to commend ShelterCare maintenance and location staff personnel for their cooperation and support with our pest management efforts,” Fisher said. “We have faced some challenging and demanding situations that we were able to successfully conclude with their help.  We thank them immensely.”

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