One Week Left to Start Some Good!

Thanks to our 14 Start Some Good Backers, we have raised $2,520 which is enough to purchase eight full bed sets! 

Each bed set purchased represents a good night’s sleep we are giving to a community member in great need. These individuals have struggled to find a comfortable and safe place to sleep or have tossed and turned worrying about an unstable living situation.  

At ShelterCare, our goal is to provide a sanctuary where individuals can focus on rebuilding their lives. Two key challenges they typically face are learning to manage the symptoms of their mental illness and recovering from acute and chronic medical conditions.  Meeting both of those challenges begins with a good night’s sleep.

Next Friday, May 15, marks the end of our campaign and we would love to hit our goal of 15 beds sets.  Start Some Good with ShelterCare Today:

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