Long-Time Partner Provides Comfort, Cheer to Clients

LCMALane County Medical Alliance 

Trillium Community Health Plan is the Coordinated Care Organization in Lane County and an important partner in fulfilling ShelterCare’s mission. “We provide access to medical, behavioral health and dental services to Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members,” says Debi Farr, the public relations specialist with Trillium. Most agency clients belong to the OHP. “Our partnership with local nonprofit social service support is critical in helping our members with these and other unmet needs that contribute to their overall health.”

In addition to a steadily deepening strategic bond between Trillium and ShelterCare, Trillium has supported ShelterCare with more than $12,000 in grants and financial contributions. Keeping healthcare costs down for ShelterCare clients and the community is a priority, says Farr. “Trillium invests nearly $1 million annually in prevention with a focus on two of the biggest healthcare cost drivers: tobacco and obesity,” she says. “This investment will provide cost savings in the future, but more importantly will improve the quality of life in our community.” Community, she says, is a big reason the organization supports ShelterCare“Trillium provides access to healthcare to approximately 87,000 Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members in Lane County. Many OHP members rely on the community’s safety net of social services for food, housing, crisis intervention and assistance with other important determinants of health.  Trillium appreciates the work of ShelterCare in providing safe and stable housing to our members who are housing challenged.”

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