Lane Forest Products continues to support ShelterCare because we believe in the work they do…

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In early 1993 I drove by The Family Shelter House on Hwy 99 as it was known back then and noticed young children playing on the hard driveway surface. Later that day I called to ask if they would like a donation of a load of
cedar shavings to help cushion the children's falls. They said “yes” and our relationship began; one that has lasted to this day.

At Lane Forest Products we continue to support ShelterCare because we believe in the work they do and have seen their accomplishments firsthand; from providing specialized housing for brain injury survivors, temporary shelter for people suffering with a mental illness, providing permanent housing for disabled adults and assisting homeless families with temporary housing accompanied with a step program pointing them towards stable housing and a stable life.

These are just a few programs initiated by ShelterCare. ShelterCare has accomplished a lot with a little. Funding is always at the core of their ability to move forward in efforts to help severely challenged folks in our community. We encourage you to support ShelterCare in any way you can.


-Susan Posner, Lane Forest Products

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