Kernutt Stokes has supported ShelterCare’s work with the homeless for ten years

KSKernutt Stokes

Since 1945, Kernutt Stokes has been turning information into opportunity for northwest clients. As one of the Northwest’s largest single-office accounting firms, the company provides comprehensive accounting and business
consulting services to diverse groups of entrepreneurial businesses and individuals— helping them to achieve their business goals, improve their financial positions and increase their personal net worth. “Kernutt Stokes has enjoyed
supporting ShelterCare, both financially and via volunteer hours, for over ten years . We recognize the efforts of ShelterCare’s staff and supporters to provide their clients a heightened level of independence, and are happy
to provide support for their threefold mission. That mission includes serving homeless families, serving adults suffering from mental illness, and serving adults with traumatic brain injuries.

Sharing our talents with ShelterCare brings blessings to us, and we hope we can be a blessing to those in need. We are proud to serve our community through the support of quality institutions such as ShelterCare, as well as
through the provision of quality financial services, and look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

-Jeff Hoyt, Kernutt Stokes CPA,Partner

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