Heeran Center Residence

Statement From Susan Ban, Executive Director, ShelterCare, concerning Heeran Center's Closure

The state of Oregon has closed ShelterCare's Heeran Center Residence. The state has moved Heeran Center clients to other service providers throughout the state of Oregon.  ShelterCare disagrees with the state's decision.  In the state evaluation, ShelterCare's Heeran Center earned excellent marks in many areas and we believe that ShelterCare met or exceeded standards for client care.

The Heeran Center will close due to to the high cost of keeping it operational while generating no income during what would be expected to be a lengthy appeal process. Due to the Heeran Center's closure, 24 staff members have received lay-off notices and have been encouraged to apply for open positions with other ShelterCare programs.

During the past 21 years, clients have always been Heeran Center's highest priority.  Our team has provided quality care that has led to client success and recovery.  ShelterCare continues to manage six other programs serving 1,400 clients in the Eugene-Springfield community. 

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