Family owned business makes difference one bed at a time

MMMattress Mania

For Brian Coke, the general manager at Mattress Mania, his company’s philosophy is simple: Take care of those who take care of you. “We take the following approach with our decision-making process with all that we do: ‘It is not about us. It is about the people and the communities that support us,’” Coke said. In that spirit, the family owned mattress retailer helps support ShelterCare through the donations of greatly discounted mattresses. Because the agency works with more than 1,700 individuals per year, the need for mattresses is great. Faced with this challenge, Mattress Mania has stepped up to help.

“We pride ourselves on supporting the local economy and community,” Coke said. “We take a consultative approach for each customer and help them to find the perfect mattress, while staying within their budget.”
The business used this same approach to help ShelterCare. “We are thrilled to know that we can make a difference to those most in need in our community,” he said. ShelterCare is proud to work with a partners so invested in the heart of the agency’s mission. Visit Mattress Mania at to show your support for this valuable community partner.

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