ShelterCare’s Agents of Change

Homelessness is the number one concern for community members in the Eugene/Springfield area. The community wants to know that something is being done about it. Your clients want to know that something is being done.

With over 1,000 licensed real estate agents in Lane County, you can stand out by joining ShelterCare’s Agents of Change! Show your clients you are making a change in our community, and by working with you they are directly making an impact.

How can you participate?

Click your donation payment method below – you can:

  • use a credit card to donate $1000, processing fees are sponsored by Here to Help Housing!
Yes, I am an Agent of Change!
  • mail a check for $1000 to ShelterCare (499 West 4th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401)
Yes I am an Agent of Change!

Payment plans available, if desired. Or consider asking your principal broker to sponsor you!

After you select your payment method, you will be redirected to a page to submit your photo, brokerage, and social media handles.

Thank you for being an

Agent of Change!

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