Fundraiser for Shankle Safe Haven House Dishwasher

Fundraiser for Dishwasher a Great Success
ShelterCare Staff say "Thank You!"

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your neighbors in need! 
400+ dishes a day is a lot of work for a dishwasher. The old model served us well-allowing ShelterCare to serve more than 64 meals and snacks to people overcoming homelessness each and every day.
Donors helped  us raise $3,430 in 2 weeks to replace the house’s aged dishwasher.
ShelterCare staff were more than happy to say “Good Riddance!” to the old, temperamental model.
Curtis Restaurant Supply boosted the fundraiser with a generous sponsorship and delivered the new model.
Curtis Restaurant Supply deliversA great, big “Thank You” to everyone who donated!
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