ShelterCare COVID-19 Updates

As COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, continues to spread along the Pacific Northwest, ShelterCare is taking precautions to protect both the safety and health of our consumers and of our employees. ShelterCare will be following updates on COVID-19 as they are released from the following trusted sources: Lane County Public Health, Center for Disease Control, and the Oregon Health Authority

Below, we will provide you updates on ShelterCare programs and preventative updates as they occur.


On Monday July 6th, the ShelterCare lobby located at 499 West 4th Ave will be open for consumers by appointment only from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

When you arrive, please ring the buzzer on the gate and speak to the receptionist. Let the receptionist know who you have an appointment with. The receptionist will then let you in through the gate.

All individuals entering the building will be required to wear a mask– ShelterCare will provide one if you do not have a mask.



All programs continue to operate- If you are in need of assistance please call us at 541-686-1262 and leave a message, our main lobby is still closed.


ShelterCare continues forge on into the unknown that is COVID-19. We are happy to continue offering services and are getting much more practice with tele-services as we focus on the health and safety of both our consumers and of our staff members.

Donation Needs: We are currently in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies. If you are able to donate any, please email us at and we will arrange a time for donation drop-off.


Many of our consumers, like yourself, are anxious and stressed about the pandemic and the stay-at-home order. To keep consumers busy, we were able to secure a bulk of art supplies!! Case managers are busy dropping off art supplies at consumer’s doors who will benefit from creative distraction, supplies include coloring books, puzzles, paint, beading, chalk, crayons, toys, and even Sudoku or crossword puzzle books!


ShelterCare’s focus continues to be on the health and safety of our consumers and staff.  If you are a current consumer and need assistance, please connect directly with your program or case manager. If you call ShelterCare and are not a current consumer, please leave a voicemail and a staff member will get back to you shortly. We no longer have a live receptionist working our main phone line. We are not doing intake of new consumers right now.


Two weeks of emergency paid leave was made available last week to all of our staff who must leave work to care for themselves or family members. At this moment, all staff who are able are working remotely.


The Uhlhorn Day Center will be permanently closed.

The Uhlhorn Day Center program has struggled to reach new clients prior to the COVID-19 pandemic; the ability to close and reopen was determined to be beyond its capacity. We believe that day services for individuals with brain trauma and dementia are still a vital need in Lane County and encourage our partners to continue to explore ways to serve this vulnerable population. This was a very difficult decision to make, and we appreciate all of our partners that helped bring this service to our families.


ShelterCare’s building for Programs and Services, located at 499 West 4th Ave, will be closed to the public starting Thursday 3/19/2020 until further notice. Our phone line will remain open, please call us at 541-686-1262. To protect the health of our consumers and of our staff, all staff will be working remotely.

All consumer group sessions will be cancelled until further notice- yoga, cooking, art, etc.



Behavioral Health- The 24 hour cancellation rule for behavioral health appointments has been lifted. Staff are calling ahead to check on the health status of all consumers who are due for groups or appointments and urging those feeling ill to stay home. Group sessions that do not allow for social distancing are being cancelled; cooking group is cancelled. Consumers- please call ahead to confirm your group session is still being held.

Shankle & ShelterCare Medical Recuperation- Both of these residential programs are not allowing guests within the buildings.


The majority of ShelterCare staff are currently working from home. To protect the health of our consumers and of our staff, case management is being done via phone.

All large meetings have been either postponed, cancelled, or moved to teleconference. Staff is in frequent communication with other local service providers, as we all search for innovative ways to safely provide services to consumers.

50th Anniversary Celebration

Per the recent CDC recommendation stating that all gatherings over 50 people, and within the next eight weeks, be cancelled; we will be postponing the 50th Anniversary Celebration. A new date will be announced very soon. All sponsorships and tickets will be transferred over to the new date.


The Uhlhorn Day Center will be closed from Monday, March 16- Thursday, April 30th. This decision is per the Oregon Department of Human Services and applies to all Adult Day Centers in the state of Oregon. This protocol is to protect and limit participant’s potential exposure to COVID-19.


Consumer Council is cancelled for March 19th, 2020.



All of our ShelterCare programs have created plans that can be immediately put in place, should the COVID-19 become active in Lane County. Programs have put strict cleaning schedules in place at all sites with the goal of protecting consumers from the spread of germs. All programs are currently still operating as-is, but with additional prevention in place.


There have been preventative signs placed throughout ShelterCare’s program sites and at the ShelterCare Center for Programs and Services (499 West. 4th Ave). These signs provide information around behaviors to protect ShelterCare staff from obtaining or passing COVID-19. Should a ShelterCare staff member exhibit any symptoms, they have been instructed to stay home. In addition, a strict cleaning plan has been put in place for all ShelterCare public areas, with additional cleaning supplies being delivered for future use.


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