Local construction company does its part to help area homeless

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Homelessness in Eugene and Springfield is not an issue that any one company, nonprofit or individual can solve said Curt Meili, co-owner of Meili Construction Company in Eugene. “Everybody has to play their part (in solving
the issue),” said Meili, who directs company operations with his brother, Gary. “We are just fulfilling our part of the equation, and it’s nice to be able to do that.” Meili — which was started by Curt and Gary’s grandfather Arnold in 1961, and later operated by their father Dennis — is recognized as an innovative and reliable resource for construction projects statewide.

This includes affordable housing construction projects, said Curt. “We feel very responsible for being a part of a solution to affordable housing issues in the area,” he said. Curt admits he didn’t know a lot about ShelterCare until a friend introduced him to the organization a few years ago. “When I heard about the kind of services ShelterCare provided, I wanted to be involved,” he said. Since then, the company was the general contractor for ShelterCare’s Afiya apartment complex in Springfield, and contributed to a variety of agency property upgrades. Last year, Meili was also a major sponsor of the “I ShelterCare about Homelessness” campaign, which raised nearly $60,000 for homeless families. ShelterCare is proud to work with a partner so invested in the heart of the agency’s mission. Please visit Meili Construction at www.meiliconstruction.com and show your support for this company

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