Kipco, Inc. Seizes Opportunities to ‘Step Up’ for Community

kipKipco, Inc. 

Ending homelessness and developing self-sufficiency starts with opportunity and education says Kevin Knode, president and owner of Kipco, Inc. He believes ShelterCare helps its clients in both of these departments. “The transition back to mainstream is overwhelming and discouraging, and without the support of ShelterCare, many more people would lose the battle,” Knode said. “I view ShelterCare as a means to an end of reducing the people on the downward spiral of homelessness and helplessness.”

ShelterCare certainly couldn’t provide education or opportunities for its clients without the support of organizations such as Kipco. The Eugene-based company has been in business for more than 30 years, and specializes in commercial and residential excavation site work, underground utilities and grading. This past November, the company donated $27,000 of in-kind services and materials to the agency’s capital campaign. This contribution supported
ShelterCare’s new “Center for Programs and Services” at 499 W. 4th Avenue in Eugene. All told, Kipco has donated approximately $45,000 (both monetary and in-kind) to ShelterCare. Why such generous support? Knode believes that issues such as homelessness demand community solutions. “We are a minor player that understands that others need our help. When the opportunity comes about to utilize our skills and abilities, we have chosen to step up,” he said. “I believe ShelterCare’s work is thankless, difficult, discouraging at times and never ending, but growing in value to those that utilize their services and the rest of us in the community.”

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