Western Shelter Systems Gives ShelterCare Consumers a Roof for Recovery

WSS_Revised_2011When it comes to helping people in crisis, Western Shelter Systems knows what it takes. After all, the business was founded to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The company creates temporary shelters and innovative field equipment that helps emergency responders assist their community when disaster strikes. These shelters are used for everything from mobile field hospitals to living quarters for first responders.

To that end, the Eugene-based company stepped up in a big way for ShelterCare’s Shankle Program in Springfield. Shankle is part of the agency’s Supported Housing Program, and serves 16 clients in a residential setting who are battling mental illness and homelessness.

Shankle has functioned without a designated meeting space for individual therapy sessions and group therapy. In response to this need, ShelterCare has been actively seeking partners who could help the agency acquire a mobile or temporary structure. Considering Shankle clients suffer from the most severe psychiatric disabilities – including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder – this deficiency was challenging.

Fortunately, Western Shelter more than answered the call.

The business donated one of their shelter systems (a heavy duty, durable structure) for the project. The new structure will have electricity, heating and security for Shankle clients.

“ShelterCare is doing very important work in our community to provide a place for those who need it,” said Mike Litten, director of operations with Western Shelter. “With our experience in providing temporary and mobile medical shelters we can add value and support to the good work being done by the ShelterCare staff and volunteers. “

This investment will create a lasting legacy of care to help Shankle consumers more effectively recover. 

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