Perfect Science: Life Technologies Donation Keeps Consumers Moving

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Jason A. Kilgore, a tech support specialist with Life Technologies in Eugene and a volunteer member of the company’s “Giving Back at Life” committee, said he recognizes the symbiotic relationship between his company’s success and the support of the community. This recognition is what fuels the organization’s investment in community programs like ShelterCare, he said. “Our company is a worldwide leader in biotechnology, but we couldn’t do so without support from our community,” said Kilgore. “We therefore must be leaders of our community as well.”

The company, which manufactures reagents and instruments used in a wide array of biological studies (such as DNA analysis or microscopy of cells) donated $1,000 toward the cost of materials to build a bike shed at the agency’s Garden Place property in Eugene earlier this year. Clients in the mental health residential facility (which houses approximately 18 residents per year) rely heavily on bicycles. The shed — which will be built in the coming weeks — will protect bikes from the elements and complete ShelterCare’s major renovation of the landscaping. “We’ve been a supporter of ShelterCare for a great many years now,” Kilgore said. “This donation coincided with a volunteer project here to build bikes and donate them to children associated with families of St. Vincent de Paul. (As part of that project), 11 children ranging in ages from 4-17 received new bikes and bike helmets. We have a strong ethic in our company for commuting to work by bike and for healthy exercise, and these donations demonstrate that.” ShelterCare is grateful to work with a partner that supports the independence and well-being of the agency’s consumers. Please visit Life Technologies at and show your support for this company that keeps ShelterCare consumers moving!

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