Walk of Hope: Katelynn’s Story

Katelynn, 26, is working hard to create a stable future for her family. She attends school full-time, works part-time, and cares for her 1-year-old child. Only a few years ago, Katelynn was living in an unsafe environment. She describes volatile roommates and a landlord who often experienced dangerous PTSD episodes. With limited rental history, little support from family, and no credit, she faced many obstacles to housing. All while, Katelynn was dealing with severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD related to past abusive relationships.

One day, Katelynn’s friends referred her to ShelterCare’s Young Adults Program which works to support 18-24 year old individuals who are living with mental illness, dealing with homelessness, or on the verge of homelessness. She was accepted into the program and connected with case workers and peer-support specialists. With advocacy from ShelterCare, she found a new apartment and accessed resources like medication and therapists. Looking back, Katelynn says “Honestly, if it were not for ShelterCare, I would be on the streets right now.”

These days, Katelynn is grateful for her life and the direction she’s taking it. She is studying graphic design to become a freelance designer and eventually fulfill her dreams of working on video games. She is also very grateful for her work, especially having great co-workers and a supervisor who appreciates her. “All in all, ShelterCare saved my life,” Katelynn says.

A special thanks to Paul Herman for writing this story.

From November 9-13, help us celebrate 50 years of service by donating to ShelterCare! During this week, we aim to raise $50,000 for ShelterCare’s programs, which provide housing and support services to community members who are experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, and/or recovering from homelessness. Please help us reach our goal by donating below, and/or participating in the online auction from November 12-13!

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