Sterling Graphics: Talent and Generosity on Display


Sterling Graphics produces promotional, informational and décor graphics, helping organizations present a professional and effective visual message. The company is owned and operated by Janet Smith and Rich Adams.

Sterling has generously supported ShelterCare since 2012 by printing and donating high-quality displays for our annual Expressions: An Art Benefit for ShelterCare as well as the I ShelterCare About Homelessness campaign, a month-long call to action every October encouraging the community to invest in solutions for ending homelessness.

SGLogo-1-150Janet and Rich say they do as much as they can to support the work of ShelterCare and other local nonprofits, because they want to be a part of building a better community for everyone.

“We recognize the incredible efforts of the many benevolent organizations that serve the people of our community and we want to support those efforts whenever possible,” states Janet.

The two especially appreciate ShelterCare’s programs that help people overcome hurdles to housing, such as high rental deposits, poor or no rental history or previous evictions. In Janet’s words, “The comprehensive assistance that ShelterCare provides helps families and individuals conquer obstacles, and brings dignity and stability back into their lives.”

Rich adds, “It is a pleasure to work with ShelterCare knowing that they are a vital and essential part of improving the quality of life for so many in need. “

We are so grateful to Janet and Rich for their generosity and kindness.

With close to 50 years of combined experience in the printing and trade show industries, Sterling Graphics strives to help its clients avoid pitfalls and provide innovative solutions in the process of producing promotional and exhibit graphics as well as in meeting their décor needs.

To learn more about Sterling Graphics products and services, visit


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