ShelterCare Quarterly Newsletter: Spring 2011

FHPShelterCare’s Family Housing Program Vitally Important for Lane County

"Without ShelterCare I don’t know what our family would have done.”

ShelterCare’s Family Housing Program (FHP) provides a continuum of care for families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and is a unique resource for local homeless families with children. Through the Family Housing Program, homeless families with children are housed for up to two months. Families are provided with basic necessities, including specialized support for children, while parents work with case managers to find more permanent 
housing and re-establish their independent lives. FHP is the only program of it’s kind in Lane County — offering both housing and services on-site.  Far more than just a roof over their heads, FHP helps families overcome 
the difficulties that caused their homelessness.  Help with job searching, managing budgets, parenting classes, and access to healthy food all contribute toward restored independence.Never has this program been more 
important. ShelterCare’s Family Housing Program currently receives a call for assistance every 20 minutes, meaning that demand for such services is higher than ever. 

Our waiting list is approximately two months long, and impending cuts to government funding for this program will lengthen the wait drastically. With the need for shelter greater than ever, the impact from these cuts could have far reaching implications. The future of ShelterCare’s programs for homeless families will ultimately depend on the generosity of our community as more private donations and corporate support will become necessary. 

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