Rapid Exit & Diversion Services

Program Description:
Are you newly homeless? We may be able to help you avoid undesirable living situations. Our REDS program (Rapid Exit & Diversion Services) works to help newly unhoused individuals avoid overwhelmed emergency shelters, and unsheltered living situations, by navigating housing options within their own social network.

This program aims to help individuals find an immediate, safe solution to their housing crisis and ease the strain on service providers in our community. Our goal is not to deny people of local homelessness services, but to make sure traditional emergency services are truly their last safe option. 

The REDS program will utilize two evidence-based practices: ‘Diversion’ and ‘Rapid Exit.’ Diversion is focused on identifying immediate housing options for newly unhoused individuals, with the goal of diverting them out of homelessness, before they need to utilize emergency services. Rapid Exit works one-on-one with individuals who are newly entering emergency housing services, to find an alternative option that quickly brings them out of homelessness. The program utilizes strength-based, housing-focused case management, which meets the individual where they currently are. 

Please call our team at (541) 497-0785 or email us at reds@sheltercare.org. We accept self-referrals and service provider referrals!

Would you like to help us advertise this program? Click REDS Pull Tab (1) to download a printable sheet that can be posted in a public place!

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