Consumer Council

Consumer Council is currently on hold due to COVID-19

ShelterCare’s Consumer Council is a consumer-led group that meets every 3rd Thursday of the month, from 2:00-3:30 pm, at 499 West 4th Avenue. The meetings are open to anyone enrolled in ShelterCare programs, and provide participants with a collective platform to discuss their thoughts about ShelterCare programs, city-wide issues, community resources, and more.

Consumer Council Brochure

Consumer Council Mission Statement: The mission of the ShelterCare Consumer Council is to increase the involvement of program participants in ShelterCare, and in the broader community, and to empower participants with a coordinated consumer voice, in order to maximize their overall quality of life.

The ShelterCare Consumer Council Purpose:

    • To give consumers an opportunity to provide input regarding ShelterCare services.
    • To give consumers a voice in all levels of ShelterCare and to assist administration to provide the best possible programs, surroundings, and services.
    • To promote an understanding among consumers about the purpose of the Consumer Council and its role within ShelterCare and provide an opportunity for socialization among consumers.

Meeting Guidelines and Format:

    • Meetings will be held every 3rd Thursday of the month from 2:00-3:30 pm at 499 West 4th Avenue, unless otherwise stated.
    • Meetings will be conducted in a civil and respectful manner.
    • Each meeting will be conducted according to a written agenda which will include:
      • Introductions, approval of the previous meeting minutes, financial report, announcements, Voices Newsletter updates, new business, guest speakers, and other topics as planned.
    • An agenda planning meeting will take place the first week of the month with the support from the Staff Consumer Liaison.
    • Additions to the agenda can be suggested at the meeting by any consumer present.
    • Guest speakers, meeting activities, and agenda items will be developed by the group.
    • Meeting facilitation will be shared. All consumers in attendance are welcome to help facilitate.
    • Decision making will be by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, voting will be conducted by the meeting facilitator(s) with the outcome determined by the majority of the consumers present.
    • Meeting participation is open to all ShelterCare consumers. Every person receiving services from ShelterCare is considered a member of the ShelterCare Consumer Council.
    • Meeting minutes will be taken and will be submitted for approval at the following meeting.

Consumer Council Non-Violent Statement: ShelterCare is a non-violent community. As a community which strives to be safe and respectful, we do not support gossiping, talking about other people, making fun of other people, or sarcastic remarks. We make every effort to address our issues with other people directly and privately. If we’re not able to do this, we seek support to improve our problem-solving skills. We are kind, caring and compassionate with each other. We do not support any acts of violence in our community, including swearing, yelling, harassing, threatening, hitting, hurting oneself or others, or making anyone a victim of our behavior. ShelterCare is a non-violent, safe, and respectful community.

This document was adopted unanimously by the Consumer Council on June 20, 2019.

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