How To: Continuous Compassion

Recurring donations are easy to set up. Compassion enriches our lives. But all too often, our busy lives cause us to put compassion on the list of things “to do later.” ShelterCare makes is safe and easy for you to cultivate compassion in your life now and enjoy the knowledge that you’re easing the suffering of others on a continuous basis – with Recurring Donations.
Recurring Donations are gifts that are automatically deducted from your bank account, allowing you to help others every day without having to write checks or repeatedly complete online transactions.
Setting up recurring donations takes just a few clicks and allows you to:
  • Choose the amount and frequency that you want to contribute
  • Decide when your contribution will end
  • Direct your gift to a specific area of need
By setting up a monthly/quarterly/yearly recurring donation, you’ll know that are continually making a difference in the lives of people in need right here in your community. Set up your recurring donation is quick, secure and easy at
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Questions? Contact ShelterCare’s Development Department at (541) 686-1262 or
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